Mission Statement

Think Big Live Loud is an agency of education that empowers the dreams of individuals by conquering the distance from and fears of modern technology and the arts.  We facilitate the explorative learning of others, incite vision, discover new career paths, share resources and ideas that streamline our lives and the lives of others.  Our focus is community enrichment through the sharing of information across generations, cultures, and socio-economic classes.

Code Of Ethics   

  1. INCLUSIVE - We will strive to bridge the digital divide as it widens between cultures, races, and generations ensuring comfortable programming accessible to all.    
  2. INFORMATIVE - We will remain on the cutting edge of information, education, and technology sharing advances as they occur and incorporating their impact on our lives individually and communally.
  3. INTEGRITY - We will remain committed to the cause of enriching the lives of individuals and communities, securing their own dreams through technology education.  Our decisions, ideals, and plans will always be seen through this lens.